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Alien, by Kade Chan, 2012

Our collection includes original models by  Jun Maekawa (Japan), Makoto Yamaguchi (Japan), Saadya Sternberg (Israel), Ilan Garibi (Israel) Kade Chan (Hong Kong), Sipho Mabona (Switzerland), Robert Lang (USA), Goran Konjevod (USA), Nguyễn Hùng Cường (Vietnam), Isa Klein (Brazil), Román Díaz (Uruguay), Ángel Morollón (Spain), Peter Stein (Germany), Stephan Weber (Germany), Victor Coeurjoly (Spain/France) among many others. Also objects of historical importance by Ligia Montoya, Robert Harbin, Sam Randlett, George Rhoads, Neil Elias, Vicente Solórzano Sagredo, Giuseppe Baggi, and Adolfo Cerceda.

Ligia Montoya letter + foldings (1957)

The museum’s archive keeps the complete collection of origami documents gathered by Gershon Legman (USA, 1917- France,1999), a key-role player to the origami revival of the 20th century. The archive includes documents, clippings, rare books, vintage origami paper, miscellanea, and the correspondence between Legman and the most important paperfolders of the time, such as Akira Yoshizawa, Robert Harbin, Lillian Oppenheimer, Robert Harbin, Sam Randlett, George Rhoads, Neal Elias, Ligia Montoya, Adolfo Cerceda, among others.
The library also has a section with origami books that belonged to Ligia Montoya (Argentina; 1920-1967), and was generously donated by her sister Noemí Montoya de Zappi.

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